The folding gangway developed by Industrias Ferri has become an indispensable accessory for the new luxury ocean expedition cruise ships of the shipowner Mystic Cruises.

The World Voyager, owned by Mystic Cruises, is the first ship to install the folding gangway developed by Industrias Ferri. The World Voyager is a 126-metre long hybrid propulsion ship belonging to the Portuguese shipowner’s series of luxury ocean expedition cruisers.

The Ferri folding gangway operates sequentially and fully automatically, managed by a programme that performs the functions of unlocking, opening the door and unfolding the gangway, although it can be operated manually depending on the needs of the service. Its attractions include its compactness, as all the hydraulic, electrical and mechanical mechanisms for a 9-metre gangway are concentrated in less than 10 cubic metres, weighing barely 3,500 kg, which means it can be installed in a very small space.

The Ferri folding gangway is designed for loading and unloading passengers, meets the highest safety standards (certified by Bureau Veritas) and is equipped with a freefloat system (adjusting to height variations when supported in port) and safety gear (locking under sudden movements). Its high mobility allows turning angles of up to 80 degrees, and can position itself practically parallel to the ship if circumstances require it.

The satisfaction of the shipowner with this bespoke naval engineering project has led to Industrias Ferri adding a second unit in the World Navigator, the twin of World Voyager, and to agree to manufacturing 2 more gangways for the next 2 Mystic Cruises oceanic cruises.

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