Specialized machinery

The sea is the context which everything happens. Side by side with the client, we carry out the most ambitious projects imaginable. Equipment by Ferri, your partner for working at sea.



Why us?

Taylor-Made Equipment

We study the placing, type of load and function so as to achieve the adequate power, dimensions, movement, outreach and type of handling. We innovate by combining technologies, but our systems are easily installed an maintained, thereby reducing costs and speeding up integration.

Technical assistence

24/7 365 days of the year. Before, during and after delivery. We have a world-wide network of service stations. We reach every corner of the world. Spare parts, troubleshooting and technical support. Maintenance and life-cycle management programs. We have a specially conditioned in-house testing installations.


Certified qualify

Quality control systems according to ISO 9001 and PECAL, and Environmental Control according to ISO 14001. Another specific regulations for offshore (NORSOK, API, UKOOA, EN 13582), rescue (SOLAS, MED, LSA, USCG), industrial (DIN, ISO, FEM, EN, IEC, ATEX, ASME), military (STANAG, DEF) and certification.





Experience and trustworthiness

Our proven track record, since 1964. Our experience in contributing solutions for all types of craft, both civil and military: fishing boats, cargo carriers, offshore and oceanographic units, megayachts, patrol boats, frigates, aircraft carriers, etc. and oil & gas offshore platforms.

Solutions for all needs

Our projects are always developed in close collaboration with the client, based on a tried and tested procedures: we act, we design, we agree, we act. We study the placing, type of load and function so as to achieve the adequate power, dimensions, movement, outreach and type of handling.

Equipment for action at sea


If you have your needs and requirements perfectly defined, we will contribute one or a number of a technical and economical solutions. If you have ideas or needs which you consider may contribute solutions to improve either the equipment or known technology, this is when we explore the technical solutions to develop the equipment which will best satisfy your needs and expectations.


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According with the Spanish Government recomendations as a consecquence of the COVID-19 pandemic, INDUSTRIAS FERRI HAS NEW TIMETABLE

Selon les recommandations du Gouvernement Espagnol en conséquence de la pandémie COVID-19, INDUSTRIAS FERRI A UNE NOUVELLE HORAIRE

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