Equipment for action at sea


If you have your needs and requirements perfectly defined, we will contribute one or a number of a technical and economical solutions. If you have ideas or needs which you consider may contribute solutions to improve either the equipment or known technology, this is whten we explore the technical solutions to develop the equipment which eill best satisfy your needs and expectations.



Maximum operativeness, productivity and safety of the equipment for the most demanding situations.


We present a wide range within three main categories: articulated, telescopic and fixed cranes.

Rescue systems

Our technical team can adapt specifications to any type of vessel, space, climate, ice or any other work requierement.

DAVIT systems for boats

Equipment for launch and recovery of workboats, designed with demanding work conditions in mind.

Handling loads & fenders

We supply a full range of davits for all possible uses: supplies, fenders, gangways, torpedoes, landing stages…

Hooks and rollers

A complete range of towing hooks and rings, rollers and forks, adapted to the operative needs and structural requirements.

Fairleads and guides

From standard equipment to made-tomeasure, any type of blocks or snatch-blocks for any use, even under water.

Gangways and DAVITS

Custom-made for each vessel taking into account space, placement, manoeuvrability, size, and performance.


From towing winches up to 400t dynamic towing pull, to  shing equipment, HPUs, frequency converters, etc.


Our experience has allowed us to take on the development of special machinery for a great range of activities.


Units able to operate in explosive or radioactive atmospheres and carry out work in areas of difficult access.


As important as a good product is its maintenance. We give service and support, before, during, and after delivery 24/7.