With the acquisition of Talleres Carral in 2013, we have added more than a century of technological knowledge and development in winches.



Based on continuous research and the inherited technical knowledge and expertise, our team is prepared to offer ready-to-go solutions for extreme working conditions throughout the world and certified by all societies. A full range of made-to-measure winches for all types of vessels. From towing winches to 400t dynamic wowing pull, to fishing equipment. A range that includes both electric and hydraulic units, mooring and anchoring winches, constant tension units, windlasses, traction winches, towing and escort units, and stainless-steel solutions for megayachts. We also supply accessories such as HPUs, frequency converters, remote control units, etc. And of course, electro-hydraulic steering gears. Long-life and minimum maintenance designs, sturdiness is the key to the success of our equipment.




FERRI Systems offers a wide and extended range of control options:

– Pneumatic, hydraulic or electric with frequency control driven winches
– Remote controls at bridge, deck or beside machine integrated in the system or independent
– PLC, joysticks, pedals, bottoms or switch controls – Digital, computerized or analogic controls


FERRI Systems provides high technology HPU’s for any type of equipment. Our portfolio allows the costumer to choose fixed or variable displacement, LS regulated or constant pressure pumps.


– Winch status display and system parameters setup.
– Pull indicator systems, analogic and digital.
– Fishing net control integration to optimize net aperture parameters.
– Winding systems mechanical or motor driven.
– Cable force or winch torque measurements, length and speed.
– Active Heave Compensation (AHC)
– Active Wave Compensation (AWC)
– Multi-winch synchronization
– Man riding
– Thruster replacement winches
– Artic and extreme low temperature winches
– Constant tension

We also design and produce cargo, mining, underwater and construction, umbilical, R.O.V., winding winches, boom & stowing & reels.


The Industrias FERRI – Talleres CARRAL high experienced team achieves an extended portfolio of winch types for new dredgers, particularly trailer suction hopper dredger ships ranging from standard size to mega vessels. Draghead winches, intermediate winches, trunnion winches, bow-connection winches, positioning winches and even underwater-pump winches are all part of the equipment Industrias FERRI – Talleres CARRAL supplies for these increasingly sophisticated vessels. Industrias FERRI – Talleres CARRAL can also deliver all necessary elements for the winch operations.


For onboard use and different kind of offshore vessels, Industrias FERRI – Talleres CARRAL offers a wide range of tugger winches. The strong and reliable tugger winch save and strong long term operation in the worst conditions.

The Industrias FERRI – Talleres CARRAL tugger winches are offered electric or hydraulic driven with several options according the client needs; wire speed , warping end, etc. with local, remote with cable or radio control.


The Industrias FERRI – Talleres CARRAL portfolio offers a high variety of configurations and sizes, suitable to manage any anchor application. The Industrias FERRI – Talleres CARRAL quality standard includes steel construction, hardened gears for high working requirements, clutched and braked drums and superlow corrosion index.

All of our windlass can be delivered for electric or hydraulic drive and can be modified to engage specific applications and high requirements.


Specially designed after years of knowhow for all types of tugs, offshore vessels and PSV’s, Industrias FERRI – Talleres CARRAL towing winches are powered either by electric or hydraulic drive with drum capacity as client requires.

Wire spooling systems ensures high spooling of extremely long wires. Designed by the most qualified engineers, Industrias FERRI – Talleres CARRAL ensures high perform operation under the most hard conditions. All towing winches are delivered either in single or double drum configurations with waterfall or linear configuration options.


Industrias FERRI – Talleres CARRAL trawl winches are available in different executions and can be either hydraulically or electrically driven. Completely designed for specific applications like bottom trawling, pelagic trawling, beam trawling or for purse-seiner.

Industrias FERRI – Talleres CARRAL’s trawl winches can be constructed in a mono-block and split execution, conventional and multi-drum execution, with de drums in line or in a waterfall arrangement.

Talleres CARRAL trawl winches assemblies can be complemented by all types of auxiliary winches, such as sweep line-, fleeting-, Gilson-, bag winches and cod-end equipment. Solutions with drum jaw clutch or friction type, clutch drum brakes in a self-releasing execution, with pneumatic, hydraulic or electric remote control, and synchro balance control or safety control system.


The Industrias FERRI – Talleres CARRAL design offers tailor made mooring winches made up of years of experience and know focused on our clients. The production process enables flexibility and efficiency for our customer applications, totally designed and controlled by Industrias FERRI – Talleres CARRAL and fully tested before delivery.

The Industrias FERRI – Talleres CARRAL mooring winches can be delivered for electric or hydraulic drive with almost unlimited speed and line pull capacities. The brakes and clutches are designed for easy and safe as well as manual operations, a Industrias FERRI – Talleres CARRAL guarantee.


Deep waters, further seas, extreme climates. With a wide range of winches for deepwater operations as high technology machines for load handling in severe sea conditions.

The Industrias FERRI – Talleres CARRAL portfolio offers umbilical winches, ROV’s winches, transponder winches, hydrographic winches, side scan sonar winches, piston cover or any design system needed.


Completely customer driven, the Industrias FERRI – Talleres CARRAL experience as a world leading provider of engineering solutions and high quality machines, complete an extended and integrated portfolio for all type of operations.

Industrias FERRI – Talleres CARRAL provides reliable and lifelong anchor handling winches, towing and mooring combined systems, subsea load handling, cargo winches and any other type of special purpose winches for operations in offshore vessels.


Handle load in the deep water exploration and production needs special and experienced designing. Industrias FERRI – Talleres CARRAL is a quality worldwide system provider for seismic vessels winches and offers robust, reliable and easy to use streamer, OBC, and umbilical winches.



Industrias FERRI – Talleres CARRAL’s steering gears has been provided to ship owners and builders around the world for more than 50 years. With a reputation of reliability, strength, durability and quality, Industrias FERRI – Talleres CARRAL ram-type steering gear can be delivered in a hand-hydraulic version for larger ships. Single and multiple rudder types are available in both single and double acting executions.

All steering gear can be delivered with a number of options:  electric starters, control, alarm and monitoring systems, upper-rudder carrier bearing and a electric rudder-angle indicator system.


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Electric or hydraulic driven. The Industrias FERRI – Talleres CARRAL capstans can be directly incorporated into the deck structure with easily connection for motors from below deck.


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Electric or hydraulic driven. Reliable and sturdy components. Complete package for control operations. For any size of vessel or net. Very efficient design. Independent drums, brakes and clutch. Perfects cable winding. Maximum reliability.


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Reliable operation. Very sturdy elements. Low maintenance. Electric or hydraulic driven.


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Stainless steel polished executions. Any design integration can be adapted. Below deck applications. Low noise level and vibration. Capstan and anchor windlass executions. Integrated and compact design.