Equipment by Industrias FERRI – Talleres CARRAL, your partner for working at sea.


Launch and recovery systems

LARS for the most demanding situations in order to attain maximum operativeness, productivity and safety of the equipment.


A wide range of applications and operational conditions, from units that require great versatility to units with highly specific functions.

Rescue systems

Rescue system davits for lifeboats, rafts, rescue craft an fast rescue craft. All systems comply with SOLAS international norms and regulations.

Davit systems for boats

Adaptable to the requirements of the vessel. Function and operational context giving top priority to crew safety in any sea state.

Handling loads and fenders

We supply a full range for all possible uses: fenders, gangways, landing stages or torpedoes. We develop made-to-measure equipment too.

Hooks and rollers

We have a complete range of towing hooks and rings, rollers and forks, adapted to the operative needs and structural requirements of any vessel.

Fairleads and guides

From standard equipment to made-to-measure, any type of blocks or snatch-blocks for any use, even under water.

Gangways and DAVITS

Equipment for access or transfer, custom-made for each vessel considering space, placement, size, performance and maneuverability.


A full range of made-to-measure winches for all types of vessels. From towing winches up to 400t to fishing equipment or HPUs.

Industrias FERRI permanecerá cerrada los próximos 11 y 12 de Julio

Industrias FERRI will be closed on July 11th and 12th

Industrias FERRI sera fermée les 11 et 12 juillet

Industrias FERRI is gesloten op 11 en 12 juli