Ferri wins a contract with Damen to equip the deck of its next oceanographic vessel. The agreement consolidates Ferri as a reference supplier for the Dutch shipyard and confirms its leadership in the design, development, manufacture, assembly and maintenance of deck machinery for large vessels.

The Damen Group is a world reference in shipbuilding. It is active in 36 shipyards specialising in military vessels, mega-yachts, oil support vessels, towing vessels, oceanographic vessels and other highly sophisticated vessels. With more than 12,000 employees, it operates in more than 100 countries and has an annual production capacity of 180 vessels. More than 6,500 vessels delivered over almost a century of existence endorse the trajectory of a company known for its high quality standards. This letter of introduction highlights the value of the contract signed by Damen with Industrias Ferri to equip all the deck machinery for its new oceanographic vessel.

This agreement confirms the satisfaction of the Dutch company with the work carried out by Ferri in its previous contract, for which it supplied 29 machines worth more than three million euros for a 74-metre fishing vessel. The equipment included all the scientific, fishing and manoeuvring machinery, as well as the gantries, cranes, davits, mooring and anchoring system, and all the controls, panels and automatic devices. This new contract consolidates Ferri within the portfolio of preferred suppliers of the Dutch giant, with which it is also working on several projects for military vessels and mega-yachts.

“We are the only company in the world with 100% in-house technology for all deck machinery and its controls,” explains Patricio Fernández Goberna, general manager of Industrias Ferri. “This condition allows the shipyard to improve the construction process and guarantees a perfect adaptation of the machines and their operation for both the shipowner and the operator. We reduce the processes and improve the whole process of the life cycle of the machinery; its adaptations, its maintenance, even its possible modernisations”.

Integral service
The contract signed with the Damen shipyard confirms the good acceptance of Industrias Ferri’s comprehensive service in the international market. The Galician company created its Ferri Systems division in 2018 for the development of technologies in drives and controls, a department that today has more than 30 employees, including 20 of the nearly 50 engineers working at Ferri. “We have an impressive team. Ferri Systems has a specially qualified staff for the drives of machines using variable frequency drives and their control via PLCs. We have programmers for all brands and we have qualified personnel for their design and manufacture”.

The integral service provided by Ferri, Ferri Systems and Talleres Carral allows the Galician group to respond with agility and efficiency to the most sophisticated projects and to operate among the international elite in the design, development and implementation of deck machinery. “It is a source of pride to be able to export Spanish technology to the most advanced ships in the world,” concludes Fernández Goberna.