The most important offshore wind farms in Northern Europe once again rely on Ferri for the development of sophisticated equipment for the transfer of offshore technicians. The French shipowner Louis Dreyfus Armateurs equips its last two vessels with the revolutionary davit developed by the Galician company.

The harsh conditions in which offshore wind farms operate prove the ability of manufacturers to develop efficient working devices in such a hostile environment. One of the biggest challenges is the transport and transfer of technicians to the wind turbines, an operation that is very sensitive to sea conditions and where Ferri has designed and manufactured specific equipment that minimizes risks by absorbing the movements of the ship and the vessel that floats and recovers. This dynamic compensation mechanism has become a safety benchmark for the transfer of people at sea.

The effectiveness of the device convinced the prestigious French ship-owner Louis Dreyfus Armateurs to contract Ferri to develop, manufacture and install a tailor-made davit on the Wind of Change, an 84-meter multipurpose vessel that operates in partnership with the Danish wind energy specialist Ørsted. The main purpose of the Ferri davit is the launching and recovery system of a service vessel for wind farms and weighing up to 12 tons.

After successfully completing the installation of the davit on the Wind of Change, Ferri has signed on for the development of new equipment for Louis Dreyfus Armateurs’ second ocean wind farm support vessel, the Wind of Hope.